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NEW! Brewer's Best IPA Kit

New IPA kit from Brewers Best: Independence IPA. Columbus, Simcoe, Chinook and Falconers Flight hops! 60 IBU, 5.75% A...

Big Brew Day at BYOB

Join us for Big Brew Day on Saturday, May 6 at Brew Your Own Beer at 10AM. Members of The BOMB (Band of Media Brewers...

Summer Kits and Philly Sour

Brewer’s Best Summer Ale and Watermelon Wheat kits are here!Philly Sour is back in stock in time for those summer sours!

NEW! Omega Yeast Helio Gazer Ale

An enhanced Thiolized version of British V, Omega Yeast Helio Gazer Ale adds intense waves of tropical thiols to wash...

NEW! Omega Yeast Lunar Crush

Omega Yeast Lunar Crush Lager is the newest addition to the Thiolized series. A distinctively tropical lager stra...

BYOB Summer Tees

We’ve restocked with all your favorite colors of the rainbow! Short and long sleeves. Limited colors and sizes. Now a...

CYOB: Can Your Own Beer

You can now use our Cannular canning machine to can your beer! To use the machine, email or call (610-449-5496) the s...

Get Your Summer Favorite Beer Kits

Summer faves are back in stock: Grapefruit IPA, Mexican Cerveza, Kölsch and Watermelon Wheat!

Omega Yeast Back in Stock!

Fresh yeastie boys arrived today from our friends at Omega Yeast. All the faves: Bananza, C2C, Jovaru, Sundew, Voss...

Vintner’s Best Hemp CBD Wine Base

Fresh off the bottling line - a blend of fruit juices, HFCS, malic acid and natural flavors designed to make a fermen...

New Sour Kits With Philly Sour Yeast

Be the first to try our new Brewer’s Best Sours extract kits! Brewer’s Best Sours are a tart and tasty treat for any...
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