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New Sour Kits With Philly Sour Yeast

New Sour Kits With Philly Sour Yeast

Be the first to try our new Brewer’s Best Sours extract kits! Brewer’s Best Sours are a tart and tasty treat for any time of year. These sour recipes are easy to craft and do not require traditional long aging periods or the use of the kettle souring method. These kits feature Lallemand’s Philly Sour yeast, which was discovered by the University of the Sciences right here in Philly!

Our three new Brewer’s Best Sour extract kits now in stock are:
• Pineapple Tart Sour Ale
• Pucker Peach Sour Ale
• Sour Mango Pale Ale

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