Brew Your Own Beer News and Events


If you want to enter the shop, the door is open but please wear a mask!

You can still order by email or phone with alley pickup. Quick, easy, and safe!


OMEGA Yeasts

All your OMEGA favorites are here: DIPA, Lutra, C2C Farmhouse, All the Bretts, West Coast, Saisonstein Monster, plus Hornindal, Voss and Hothead Kveik.


BrewZilla and RoboBrew

Want to step up your brew game? How bout a 5-gal electric brewing system? BrewZilla and Robobrew are both in stock. All in one stainless steel brew kettles allow for extract, partial- mash or all-grain brewing all inside of one kettle. Brew inside or outside. No need for mash tun, propane tank, burner. Just plug in and start brewing!


Brewer’s Best Winter Beers

Winter favorites have arrived including Holiday Ale, Zombiefest, Chocolate Milk Stout and Sweet Dreams Almond Coconut Stout.


Home Brew Starter Equipment Kits

Our 5-gallon starter equipment kit is the easiest way to get started brewing your own beer. The kit includes a fermentation bucket, a bottling bucket, lid, airlock, auto-siphon, hose, bottle filler, bottle capper, carboy brush, hydrometer, and easy clean sanitizer. Equipment you will continue to use for every batch of homebrew. You will also need a stainless steel brew kettle and bottles. We also have 1-gallon equipment kits as well.


New logo! New tees!

Fresh batch of tees are now available with our sharp new logo! Short sleeve and long sleeve. Lots of color choices. Sizes available: M-L-XL-XXL


Brewer’s Best 8-Gallon and 16-Gallon Brew Kettles

With or Without? 8-gallon stainless steel brew kettles. Both kettles have graduated gallon markings on inside and out. Solid kettle has .08mm thick bottom. Kettle with welded 1/2″ ports has 1.0mm thick bottom and ports for optional kettle valve and thermometer. We also have 16-gallon brew kettle with welded 1/2″ ports. We also have a 10-gallon tri-clad BrewBuilt kettle.


Kegs and Stuff

We stock new and used kegs. New, filled CO2 tanks. We do CO2 tank exchanges. Sankey taps, faucets, shanks, regulators, hoses, cleaners, etc. Everything you need to convert a fridge or fix up a kegerator.