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Omega Yeast Now in Stock

We are now carrying Omega Yeast. The following yeast are in stock: DIPA Ale (aka ‘Conan’ yeast), Tropical IPA, West Coast Ale, Norwegian Strains which can be fermented in temps in the 90’s: Hothead Ale, Voss Kviek and Hornindal Kviek. Also Brett Blend #1: Where Da Funk.

Omega Yeast now in stock


Hop Plant Pre-Order

We are now taking orders for hop plants! The 3-inch hop plants will arrive in mid-late May and will be ready for spring planting. Hop plants are available through pre-order only and must be prepaid. Each plant costs $12. There are 41 varieties to choose from. Pre-order deadline is March 22. You will be notified when the plants arrive in the shop. View the hop plant variety list.

Hop Varieties 2019


Hop Sale

Take $1 off the following:
2oz whole leaf hops – Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, and Mosaic hops.
1oz pellet hops – Comet, Motueka, and Wakatu hops.

Hop Sale


Demijohns, 3 Gallon Kegs, and Carboys

Brew Your Own Beer has used 54L and 34L Demijohns in stock as well as used 3-gallon kegs and 5-gallon glass carboys. Come and get them, cause they won’t last!


Homebrew Starter Equipment Kits

Our 5-gallon starter equipment kit is the easiest way to get started brewing your own beer. The kit includes a fermentation bucket, a bottling bucket, lid, airlock, auto-siphon, hose, bottle filler, bottle capper, carboy brush, hydrometer and easy clean sanitizer. Equipment you will continue to use for every batch of homebrew. You will also need a stainless steel brew kettle and bottles. We also have 1-gallon equipment kits as well.


HopNog 2018 American IPA has Arrived

Brewer’s Best HopNog 2018 American IPA is now in stock. Deliciously malty with mild bitterness and bursting with citrus and floral notes from whirlpool additions. This year’s kit includes an 18oz double wall stainless steel tumbler!


Brewer’s Best 8 and 16 Gal Stainless Brew Kettles

With or Without? 8-gallon stainless steel brew kettles. Both kettles have graduated gallon markings on inside and out. Solid kettle has .08mm thick bottom. Kettle with welded 1/2″ ports has 1.0mm thick bottom and ports for optional kettle valve and thermometer. We also have 16-gallon brew kettle with welded 1/2″ ports. We also have a 10-gallon tri-clad BrewBuilt kettle. 



Kegs and Stuff

We stock new and used kegs. New, filled CO2 tanks. We do CO2 tank exchanges. Sankey taps, faucets, shanks, regulators, hoses, cleaners etc. Everything you need to convert a fridge or fix up a kegerator.


Galaxy Hops Back in Stock!

Galaxy hops are back in stock along with Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Wakatu and Idaho 7 hops!


BYOB’s Very Own Brew Kits

Brew Your Own Beer has developed our own 5-gal beer kits: Single-Hop Denali Pale Ale, Three C’s IPA with features Columbus, Cascade and Citra hop and Ryeway to Hell, a spicy Rye Pale offset by Lemondrop and Cascade hops.


BYOB Tees are Back

Long sleeve! Short sleeve! More colors and styles!

BrewYour Own Beer T-Shirts


BYOB Pub Glasses

Brew Your Own Beer pub glasses are now available!