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Hop Plants!

We are now taking pre-orders for hop plants. Order deadline is March 30. Each pant costs $12 and the orders are prepaid. The hop plants will arrive in late May in a 3” container, just in time for spring planting. Click here to view this year’s varieties.

Hop Varieties 2019


Limited releases from Winexpert

Winexpert is releasing three limited edition offerings: Hard Black Cherry Lemonade, Peach Raspberry Lemonade and Pink Pinot Grigio. All are available through pre-orders before Feb 28. Perfect for summertime!

PINK PINOT GRIGIO Light floral and tropical fruit aromas with notes of juicy strawberry and rhubarb. Off-dry, crisp, and ready for summer sipping.

Introducing NEW Peach Raspberry Lemonade, plus popular Black Cherry Lemonade returns. Don’t miss these limited releases from Island Mist.

New Island Mist offering: Mango Citrus

Juicy ripe mango complemented with a bright citrus twist of grapefruit, orange, and lemon flavors. Perfectly refreshing, easy-drinking, and sure to become a year-round favorite.

Omega Yeast in Stock!

We are now carrying Omega Yeast. The following yeasts are in stock: DIPA Ale (aka ‘Conan’ yeast), Tropical IPA, West Coast Ale and Norwegian Strains – Hothead Ale, Voss Kveik and Hornindal Kveik – which can be fermented in temps in the 90’s. Also Brett Blend #1: Where Da Funk and All the Bretts. 

Hornindal Kveik:  A wonderfully unique Norwegian farmstead “kveik,” Hornindal produces a tropical flavor and complex aroma that can present itself as stonefruit, pineapple, and dried fruit leather, which complement fruit-forward hops. Add even more dimension to “C” hops and increase ester intensity with a high fermentation temperature. Ferments well at 90° F/32° C or higher. Non-phenolic and no fusels, even at higher temps.

Voss Kveik: A traditional Norwegian kveik directly from the Gjernes farmstead, Voss Kveik’s orange-citrus notes present throughout its wide temperature range. So, like the mango-honey profile of HotHead™ Ale (OYL-057), Voss Kveik’s orange-citrus is relatively clean across its fermentation temperature range and pairs well with citrusy, fruity hops. Fermentation speed takes off at higher temperatures. Non-phenolic.

HotHead Ale: A highly flocculent Norwegian ale strain with an astoundingly wide temperature range and little change in flavor across the range, Hothead™ is clean enough for both American and English styles. It has a unique honey-like aroma with overripe mango which is complementary to modern, fruity hops. Temperature control is unnecessary with this strain. Non-phenolic and no fusels, even at higher temperatures.

Omega Yeast now in stock


New South African Hops in the Shop!

SOUTH AFRICAN QUEEN: The aroma profile includes dank, blueberries, stone fruit, black currant, gooseberries, bubble gum, lemongrass, watermelon and chilies. Works well with all hop-forward beers, including American and Belgian styles, especially modern IPAs. Also works well with brettanomyces beers and subtle blended beers such as those with coffee, fruit and spices.

SOUTHERN STAR: The aroma profile includes tangerine, blueberries, pine, tropical fruit, pineapple, watermelon, pungent and spice. Works well with all hop-forward beers, especially modern IPAs, and as a bittering hop for clean bitterness.


Galaxy, Moutere and Ariana Hops are in Stock!

Three of our favorite hops are back in stock.

Galaxy shines when used as a late addition or dry hop. Powerful tropical fruit character is a perfect addition for IPA’s and pale ales. Intense and potent. Musky tropical fruit (passionfruit, apricot, Key lime) with dank citrus and earthy blackcurrant. 

Moutere is a big hop for big IPAs, but its tropical flavors are also great for mixed-culture fermentations, wheat beers, and fruited hoppy styles. Intensely tropical and fruity with dominant grapefruit and passionfruit notes, and undertones of spry hay, earthy baking spice, and resinous pine.

Ariana high enough in alpha acids to handle bittering duty, but it’s oil content and organoleptic profile make it a great finishing hop. Fruity, with intense berry character of black currant and gooseberry. Citrus high notes (particularly grapefruit) with slight resinous and herbal tones.


Homebrew Starter Equipment Kits

Our 5-gallon starter equipment kit is the easiest way to get started brewing your own beer. The kit includes a fermentation bucket, a bottling bucket, lid, airlock, auto-siphon, hose, bottle filler, bottle capper, carboy brush, hydrometer and easy clean sanitizer. Equipment you will continue to use for every batch of homebrew. You will also need a stainless steel brew kettle and bottles. We also have 1-gallon equipment kits as well.


Brewer’s Best 8-Gallon and 16-Gallon Brew Kettles

With or Without? 8-gallon stainless steel brew kettles. Both kettles have graduated gallon markings on inside and out. Solid kettle has .08mm thick bottom. Kettle with welded 1/2″ ports has 1.0mm thick bottom and ports for optional kettle valve and thermometer. We also have 16-gallon brew kettle with welded 1/2″ ports. We also have a 10-gallon tri-clad BrewBuilt kettle. 



Kegs and Stuff

We stock new and used kegs. New, filled CO2 tanks. We do CO2 tank exchanges. Sankey taps, faucets, shanks, regulators, hoses, cleaners etc. Everything you need to convert a fridge or fix up a kegerator.


Brew Your Own Beer Extract Kits

Brew Your Own Beer has developed our own 5-gal beer kits: Single-Hop Denali Pale Ale, Three C’s IPA with features Columbus, Cascade and Citra hop and Ryeway to Hell, a spicy Rye Pale offset by Lemondrop and Cascade hops.


Brew Your Own Beer Tees!

Long sleeve! Short sleeve! More colors and styles!

BrewYour Own Beer T-Shirts