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Winexpert Private Reserve Yakima Pinot Gris Kit


Pinot Gris is the French translation of Pinot Grigio. It's the same grape grown in different regions, so you can expect some similarities.

This wine features a bright and fresh palate of green apple, melon, and lemon zest. Fruit-forward with crisp acidity and a clean finish.

Yakima Valley vineyards produce wines that are characteristically rich and well-developed, due to the long and consistent growing season. With cool nights, warm days and controlled water, Yakima Valley vineyards tend to have longer growing days and season compared to other wine regions. These regional growing characteristics help to develop fully mature fruit whose acid chemistry maintains balance during the cool nights.

Pinot Gris is great on its own, but if you want to pair it right, try it within seared fish or oven-roasted chicken. Young Pinot Gris has more acidity, making it a great choice with dishes that feature white sauces like fettucine alfredo. Even a simple garden salad with vinaigrette is a great choice for this wine.

Dry | Unoaked | Medium Body| 13% abv

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