Ultra premium wine kits are made with the finest quality varietal juice from around the world to produce wines that will satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning wine enthusiasts.

4.75 gallons that produces 6 gallons. Ready in 6-8 weeks.


Our most popular premium wines are made from the Selection series and those who demand wines with exceptional body, flavour and aroma will be able to choose the perfect accompaniment for every occasion from over 40 available wine kits in this series.

4.22 gallons that will produce 6 gallons. Ready in 4-8 weeks.

World Vineyard:

Wines from Australia, California, South America and Europe are represented in the World Vineyard Collection. These wines are perfect if you enjoy versatile wines which don’t require extended aging but still offer distinct flavours from some of the great wine regions in the world.

2.6 gallons that will produce 6 gallons. Ready in 4 weeks.

Vintner’s Reserve:

Easy to make and easy to enjoy, Vintners Reserve wines offer excellent quality flavours and aromas and there almost 30 available styles to choose from.

Limited Editions: